Project 1

What could you make with a set of discrete points? TEKS Standard 2A

// Lines that begin with two forward slashes
// are comments (notes).

// Let's start by drawing a single point at
// coordinates (x, y). Notice that the y-axis
// points down.
point(10, 10);

// Draw another point, a bit "heavier" this time.
point(20, 20);

// Now add some color by mixing red, green,
// and blue. 0 means "none" and 255 means "full".
stroke(255, 0, 0);
point(30, 30);

// Draw a set of your own points and play with
// their position, size, and color.

 * Comments can also span multiple lines by
 * starting and ending with forward slashes
 * and asterisks.
 * What are the domain and range of
 * the points you drew?
 * Domain: {}
 * Range: {}

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